Client Tax Liability settled for $150

On September 15th, Bartkus and Associates successfully settled a client’s Federal tax liability of over $24,000 for $150. The offer to settle was the result of the diligence our firm exercises in reaching the best results for it’s clients. “Having a settlement of less than a penny on the dollar for a tax payer who was in financial hardship is very rewarding”, commented Attorney Bartkus.

Tax debts can not be ignored. The Internal Revenue Service has full power and authority to garnish your wages, seize assets, and levy bank accounts without the traditional due process afforded in other areas of our legal system. If the IRS states you have a tax debt, no matter how small, or even if you feel it is wrong, do not ignore it. Call the experts at Bartkus and Associates at 484-224-3039 for a free consultation.