An IRS audit can often be a lengthy, tiresome, aggravating, and anxiety filled process. Despite the overwhelming unpleasantness, some people still prefer to represent themselves in an audit rather than obtain professional representation. Understandably, everyone wants to save money. However, this is a highly inadvisable course of action for many reasons:

  • IRS auditors are highly aggressive, trained interrogators who will not hesitate to exploit your lack of familiarity with the audit process and applicable tax law to propose additional taxes and penalties. When an IRS auditor sees an unrepresented taxpayer, it is akin to a shark smelling blood in the water.
  • Miscommunication with an IRS auditor or inadvertent disclosures due to a lack of knowledge or experience can lead to disastrous consequences, including increased exposure to steep civil penalties and possible criminal liability. It is also important to understand and exercise your rights as a taxpayer to fully protect yourself from potential IRS misconduct or misapplication of relevant law.
  • Improper handling of an audit for a single tax year may open up additional years for audit, significantly multiplying the tax liability due.
  • Your time and energy are valuable resources. Even simple audits can turn into long nightmares. When you hire an experienced tax attorney to represent you in an audit, you no longer need to stay up long nights worrying about how to deal with your tax audit.

Facing an IRS Audit  alone can be frightening and confusing. With so many potentially damaging penalties on the line, you need a tax audit attorney who knows the system and how to protect you against financial penalties and possible jail time.

If you have been given notice of an upcoming audit, are in the middle of one, or would like to appeal the findings of an closed audit, please call our office to discuss your options during a free consultation.