I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me with my mother’s tax issues. Your assistance has removed the considerable stress associated with trying to communicate reasonable with the IRS. As you know, they have been calling my mother and sending her letters that she owed over $600,000 in taxes, interest and penalties. Scott you were very precise about the efforts ahead and willing to explain and answer any questions in the day-to-day activities of your process. This was important to my mom. I would strongly recommend you and your services to anyone needing legal assistance.

– Stella

Attorney Bartkus has represented me in several areas of my business and has proved to be very diligent and knowledgeable. I would recomend his firm to any business owner whether just starting up or well established.

– Scott

Scott is extremely professional and was great to work with. Highly recommended!

– Jessica

Scott is a trusted business and legal advisor. He always makes it a point to put “the relationship” first in all his interactions.

– J.P.

Scott is a true cut above the rest in what he does. His extensive knowledge in tax law as well as other areas of expertise make him a strong advocate to have on your side. I have utilized Scott’s expertise in a few different areas of my business, and he is very thorough throughout the entire process.

– David

As an executive and businessman I have relied on Scott to respond to any issues and situations I have encountered. His extensive knowledge, quick response, excellent communication and follow up are second to none. His expertise in matters dealing with the IRS is cutting edge. He consistently meets my needs and expectations. I highly recommend Scott for all your legal needs.

– Don

I called approximately ten different attorneys one recent day,during a period of extreme distress. Scott Bartkus was the only attorney to return my call, and not only did he get back to me quickly, he arranged a meeting with me within a day, and handled my case with the appropriated amount of speed and care. I feel I will have a positive outcome to my case, and all credit is due to Scott Bartkus’ professionalism.

– Shelly

I would like to say that I have had the most wonderful experience with Scott Barkus, Esq. in my legal needs. He asks a million questions and looks down paths I would never have considered before making recommendations. THEN! He cheerfully makes revision after revision because I keep changing my mind. Never once did he say, “Enough already!” I love his personal touch, which made the experience of doing something I really wasn’t interested in doing more enjoyable. I have recommended him to people I know and they have had the exact same experience as I have. If you want your legal needs taken care of efficiently and with a personal touch, Scott is the “go-to” attorney for you!

– Anonymous

I have known Scott for over a year or two now and have referred several clients to him with great success. He is bright, tenacious, and results oriented. Unlike many attorneys I have done business with, Scott is not pious, aloof or a know it all. He realized that in our society law evolves and is doing his part to assist individuals and business bring balance and justice back into the legal professional. Scott, although a serious guy has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to share his whit both personally and professionally. Lastly, I have found Scotts ability to stay in touch with his clients exceptional, and art I am personally trying to master myself. Give Scott a call, you have nothing to loose except maybe a noose around your neck by the IRS.

– Frank

After years of fighting the IRS and getting no resolution, I hired Attorney Scott Bartkus, Esq. and Bartkus and Associates to represent me. This was the smartest decision I ever made. Attorney Bartkus was able to reduce my $300,000+ debt owed to the IRS down to a settlement of $3,500. I only had to pay less than 1% of the total debt! He has extensive knowledge and expertise to handle any tax-related business matter quickly and efficiently. He keeps close consistent communication with his clients throughout the entire process, while adding a personal touch. He has changed my life from hardship to freedom to which I am greatly appreciative. I highly recommend this firm’s services!